Important information

Before coming into see us for your free taste test and quote please have a think about the following questions as they are all very relevant to us giving you the correct advice. What you answer below will determine size, sort, and the price of your cake.

  • How many guests are attending? The most important!
  • Are you going to use the cake as your dessert or to serve with coffee? This determines the size of the slice that we will calculate for you
  • Is the cake going to be taken home?¬†If cake is to be taken home then fruit or mud are the best options.
  • What is the weather likely to be? Will the cake be in air-conditioning or in a marquee? This can determine what style of cake you can have, especially in summer
  • Do you want to keep the top tier? It would have to be mud or fruit cake and iced
  • Does your reception place allow you to use your cake as dessert and how will it be served? E.g. plated up or on platters.
    You need to ask this as some places will not allow cake brought in. Knowing how it will be served will help you decide on which flavor.
  • What is the theme of your wedding including colours? Bring in your invites, any photos you may have of cakes you like or material swatches if you want to incorporate colour.
  • What is your budget? Some idea will help us to show you cakes that are within your budget.
  • Are you having fresh, silk or sugar flowers and/or a cake topper? Allow plenty of time if we are to organize a topper or make flowers for you
  • Do you like rounds or squares and how many tiers would you like displayed? Squares are dearer and the more cake you have on display the more the cake costs as there is more decoration. Kitchen cakes can help keep your costs down.
  • What would you like your cake covered in? e.g. icing, buttercream or chocolate.¬†This will determine what you can choose for the inside. Icing is the most expensive

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